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Deals with the Devil Essay

The haler is portrayed in many ways and through off many different types of literature, movies, and music. The most iconic image of the d mephistophelian is a red beast with horns, a pointed tail, and a pitchfork in his hand. This famous image depicts an evil monster that is in the depths of hell where he rules over the new(prenominal) evil beings of the world. This is only one and only(a) image of many that you put up find in a big marrow of literature and media both(prenominal) past and pre displace. In The inconvenience oneself and turkey cock Walker, the devil is described as a black woodsman, human in form but with red eyes. Similarly in The baffle and Daniel Webster, the fret is described as a dark-dressed stranger, who is soft spoken but has an evil smile.In these descriptions you still get down a sense of evil from the baffle but he is in human form. So what or who is the bawl out? From early stories in Christianity, Lucifer commonly known as deuce or the dres s down is originally an archangel created in the image of matinee idol. He is the highest form of an angel, but challenges theology and is cast down to rule the pits of hell. potbelly someone created in the image of God as Christianity suggests be a dark stranger or a red beast? The agitate can be depicted in many ways, but what the dickens really represents is the existence greed and object lesson corruptness in society. heedless of the imagery, the get to plays a similar type throughout literature and media both past and present.One of the earliest stories of a man qualification a pact with the trounce is a character named Faust, from an old German leg abolish. Faust was a brilliant scholar but always destinyed more knowledge. The Devil comes to him one night and promises him infinite wisdom for a certain amount of time afterward which Fausts soul would be owned by the Devil. Faust readily agrees and signs a contract with the Devil. Faust lives with his infinite knowl edge until the year comes when the Devil comes to collect his soul. Faust is then taken by the Devil and sp give ups the rest of eternity in hell. This bilgewater maybe one of the original stories of the Devil making a deal with a man for his soul. The Devil knows and uses the mans greatest desire to lure him into signing a contract to get his soul. Man is easily corruptible when promised his deepest desire and choses instant gratification without full understanding or thinking of the repercussions.In Anne Rices new(a) Memnoch the Devil, the Devil begins to stalk Lestate until one evening he appears to him and takes him on a voyage. Lestate is a very old and brawny Vampire, known to only cipher out himself and his own needs. The Devil takes Lestate to Heaven and quarry where he tells Lestate the explanation of the beginning of time when God created the world and human beings. Memnoch, or the Devil, played out a lot of time on Earth admiring Gods creation, but begins to notice the suffering and pain of human beings and the souls of deceased that argon stuck in between Heaven and Earth. He describes God as unloving of the evil in the world he created and begs God to do something to overhaul the humans that are suffering on Earth and Sheol, which is the afterlife. Memnoch claims that he is not evil in fact he was an archangel created in Gods image, but because he questioned God several times astir(predicate) why he is letting humans suffer God gets angry.God casts him out of Heaven to find all the lost souls on undercoat and Sheol that he thinks deserves to be in the Kingdom of Heaven, before Memnoch can return. This turns out to be a daunting task and he enlists Lestate to be his collaborator and adversary of God. This journey throws Lestate to question everything he has ever known around God and the Devil, sfor he has lived centuries and had dismissed such notion that Heaven and Hell exist. Lestate ends up running from the Devil and when he returns to Earth he steals a biblical artifact, Veronicas Veil, he reveals the artifact to the world. In the end it is revealed that the Devil was only using Lestate by allowing him to return with an artifact that would reclaim faith in God and therefore limit the amount of souls sent to Hell. In this story the Devil is manipulative and cunning though he claims he is not evil. Although Lestate never made a deal with the Devil, the Devil won by using Lestates narcissism for his own purposes.In the Phantom of the Opera, a popular Broadway show, one can view the Devil as the representation of the masked phantom in the opera firm house. The immature understudy Christine hears a beautiful voice calling to her when she arrives at the opera house. She had heard stories of an Angel of Music who could give her a more powerful and beautiful voice and readily begins to sing with the Devil. A series of dark accidents forces the lead singer to lose her voice therefore losing the star role in the op era. Christine is the given then given the lead role after her voice improves drastically while practicing with the Devil. The Angel of Music takes Christine to the depths of the opera house tunnels against her will. Christine is in love with another man, who searches for her in the tunnels of the opera house.The Devil captures Christines love and tells her he will kill him if she doesnt stay with him. This story is similar to the short stories of The Devil and Tom Walker and The Devil and Daniel Webster, in that the characters make a deal with the Devil to improve some fount of their lives but when the Devil wants to collect on their deal none of the characters want to go willingly. One noticeable difference between the stories is that in the end of The Phantom of the Opera Christine shows kindness to the Angel of Music and he lets her go and he disappears forever leaving only his mask behind. Overall valet de chambre has shown a pattern of making deals with the devil for their d esires to their own detriment.From the short stories of, The Devil and Daniel Webster and The Devil and Tom Walker, to the legend of Faust, and the Phantom of the Opera musical you can see similarities in all the characters desiring something unattainable. The Devil then comes to them and promises to deliver their wishes for a small price, merely their souls for the rest of eternity. The Devil feeds on the lack of moral integrity and uses this to gain power over these characters souls. On the other hand, in Memnoch the Devil, Anne Rice changes the deal with the devil theme because Lestate never actually bargains with the devil, none the less the Devil gets what he desires. As you can see, literature and other mediums have adapted the story of making a pact with the Devil in many ways.Works CitedFaust. (n.d.). Retrieved 10 8, 2012, from Wikipeadia http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faust Rice, A. (1995). Memnoch the Devil. Knopf.The Phantom of the Opera. (n.d.). Retrieved 10 8, 2012, from W ikipedia http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Phantom_of_the_Opera

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