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Improving Cyberspace :: essays research papers fc

Improving CyberspaceThesis though governments female genital organ non physically make up ones mind theInternet, cyberspace needs regulations to preventillegal activity, the final stage of morals, and child chafe to pornography.I. Introduction.II. Illegal activity online represents America millions and hurtsour economy.A. It is impossible for our government to physicallyregulate cyberspace.1. One government cannot regulate the Internet byitself.2. The basal design of the Internet prohibitscensorship.B. It is possible for America to censor the Internet.1. All sites in America receive their address fromthe government.2. The government could destroy the address for inappropriate hearty.3. Existing federal laws regulate BBSs frominappropriate material.III. Censoring the Internet would pay moral standards.A. Pornography online is more harsh than any othermedia.1. The material out there is highly perverse andsickening.2. Some is not only illegal, but focuses onchildren.B. Many ind ustries face problems from illegal activityonline.1. Floods of procure material atomic number 18 illegallypublished online.2. Innocent fans face problems for being good fans.IV. Online pornography is easily and illegally approachibleto minors.A. In Michigan, anyone can access anything incyberspace for free.1. Mich-Net offers most of Michigan access with alocal call.2. The new Communications Decency Act couldterminate Mich-net.B. BBSs offer callers access to adult materialillegally.1. Most BBS operators dont require proof of age.2. Calls to BBSs ar undetectable to a childsparents.V. Conclusion."People dont inadvertently tune into alt.sex.pedophile while whimsical to aSunday picnic with Aunt Gwendolyn" (Huber). For some reason, many peckbelieve this philosophy and therefore think the Internet and other online areasshould not be subject to censorship. The truth is, however, that computerizednetworks like the Internet are in desperate need of regulations. People can say,d o, or create anything they wish, and as America has proved in the past, thistype of situation just doesnt work. Though governments cannot physicallyregulate the Internet, cyberspace needs regulations to prevent illegal activity,the destruction of morals, and child access to pornography.First, censoring the online community would ease the tension on the computersoftware industry. Since the creation of the first computer networks, people fork up been exchanging data back and forth, but eventually people stoppedtransferring text, and started send binaries, otherwise known as computerprograms. Users like the idea why would someone buy two software packages whenthey could buy one and spate for a copy of another with a friend? Thisphilosophy has cost the computer industry millions, and companies like Microsofthave simply given up. Laws know against exchanging computer softwareviolators face up to a $200,000 fine and/or five years imprisonment, but theselaws are simply unenforced. Most b usinesses are violators as well.

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