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Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin In The Sun Essay -- essays research pap

Theplay depicts the feelings and thoughts of the people of theirtime. Their feelings are different then what we foregather today inour lives. The family had to deal with poverty and racism.Not having enough currency and al ways being put downbecause of the color of their skin held them posterior fromhaving a lot of self-respect and dignity. I think that Mamawas the unrivaled who had the most pride and held the familyto positionher. Ruth was being prevented from having a babybecause of property problems, Walter was bringing him selfdown by trying to make the pot likker store idea work. OnceMama decided to buy the planetary house with the money she hadreceived, Walter figured that he should further go on with the hard liquor store idea. Then, when Walter lost the money, he losthis dignity and tried to get some money from the welcomeparty of Cylborne Park. Mama forced him to cognise howfar he went by making him show himself to his son how commencementhe would go. But he showed that he wasnt susceptible tothe ways the racism created. Raisin In the Sun Dreams canbe seen in many ways. A fantasy could be something you hadin the night that seems so real, or a dream could be yourfantasy, where everything is going your way. The last type ofdream is something that has more of a deep sense and playsan important role in your life. The type the dream theYounger family had. Each individual had their own hopesand pass judgment something. Walter and his chance to be bigand important with his liquor store, Beneatha and becomin...

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