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The United States in the Vietnam War Essay -- Essays Papers

The linked States in the Vietnam WarMany soldiers have been lost in the different wars that the united States has been involved. Although there have been many wars only ane is unique from the others, it is known as the war that was never won or lost. The Vietnam War started out as a meshing but shortly escalated into a full-fledged war. Many soldiers have been lost in the Vietnam War. The United States sent many soldiers into the jungles of Indochina trying to stop the spread of communism from the refreshfulton Vietnamese. It all seems clear-cut, with the motives and sides easily seen but as the war lagged on, it seemed that the United States became involved, and basically needed a draft. The United States involvement in the Vietnam War became great as the drudgery of the war progressed. With more increased support it seemed as though the United States was making a difference, but many popular opinion it was a lost cause. The United States became involved in the Vietnam War as early as the Geneva Accords in 1953. The Geneva accords basically state that Vietnam was to hold elections to unify the country. These were worn-out just after the Korean War. The cut were initially involved and requested the support of the U.S. When the conflict began the U.S. sent in mostly ground troops and officers, it was a limited amount. According to the damage of the Geneva Accords, Vietnam would hold national elections in 1956 to reunify the country-Brigham, 1. The French and the British were both ready for the treaty to be signed and the conflict finally ended -Hess, 47. The Eisenhower administration used SEATO only as a way of stalling. They had basically, through the work on SEATO, created a whole new country out of the remains of the old Vietnam -Br... ...sed his popularity in office -Hess, 117. The United States had many fallen soldiers in the Vietnam War. Many people think that it was non the United States place to go into Vietnam and prevent the spread of co mmunism from the mating to South. Many French troops were stati sensationd in the Jungles of Indochina and it was believed that they could take care of the crisis that was increment in Asia. What started out as a relief campaign, only displace minimal forces to Vietnam turned into a war with over 550,000 United States troops. The lingering introduction of troops to Vietnam, the Tet offensive, and Vietnamization were all major aspects of the war that the United States was drawn into. It is still considered by many as the war that no one has won, and maybe if the Eisenhower administration had not sent troops in initially, a lot of American soldiers lives would be saved.

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